Olympika en Sporta Km 18.5 Carretera a El Salvador +502-4129-7515 o +502-6648-0100
Olympika en San Cristobal Portal de Santa Barbara, por el Colegio Campo Alto +502-2258-8924
STAFF Jorge Raúl (Coky) Molina - Fundador y Director de Programa Femenino   - Entrenador de alto rendimiento con experiencia fuera y dentro del país. - Gimnasta becado en la Universidad de Michigan. 1991-1995. - Capitán del equipo masculino de la Universidad de Michigan. 1995. - Campeonato NCAA - finalista en piso. - Juegos Panamericanos. Habana, Cuba. 1991. - Campeonato Juvenil Pacific Alliance. Indianapolis, Indiana. 1991. - Campeonato Mundial Universitario. Buffalo, New York. 1993. Bob Goss - Director Programa Masculino   - Entrenador de alto rendimiento con experiencia fuera y dentro del país - Gimnasta becado en la Universidad de Minnesota. 1997-2002 - Capitán del equipo masculino de la Universidad de Minnesota. 2002 - Campeonato NCAA - finalista en potro con arzones y salto de potro. - Ubicado 13º en potro con arzones en ranking nacional. 2001,2002 - Ubicado 2º en salto de potro en ranking nacional. 2002 - Ubicado 9º en barras paralelas en ranking nacional. 2001,2002 Gustavo Reyes - Entrenador Programa Femenino: Alto Rendimiento -Entrenador de mucha experiencia en todos los niveles USAG del (1 al 10). -Gimnasta universitario en la Universidad autónoma de Santo Domingo   capacitado en todos los niveles de la academia FIG realizados en Colombia y   República Dominicana. -Certificado en primeros auxilios de infantes y adultos capacitado por la FIG -Entrenador nivel uno en gimnasia trampoline. -Certificado en vendaje funcional. -Entrenador de niñas de alto nivel en México y República Dominicana con resultados en los dos países -Atleta de triatlón de alto rendimiento y subcampeón panamericano en 2013 Miguel Mazariegos - Entrenador / Coordinador Programa Recreacional   - Juez internacional de gimnasia masculina impartido por el colegio nacional de árbitros. - Certificado de entrenador de gimnasia olímpica femenina, impartido por la Federación Internacional de Gimnasia (FIG). - Certificado de actualización metodológica de gimnasia impartido por Comité Olímpico Guatemalteco. - Magisterio de Educación Física y Entrenador Deportivo. Phil Goss – Entrenador Octubre 2009 – Diciembre 2013   - Gimnasta becado en la Universidad de Illinois. 2002-2006 - Campeón Nacional en potro con arzones. 2006 - Capitán del equipo de la Universidad de Illinois. 2006 - Ubicado 10º en potro con arzones en ranking nacional. 2006 Meghan Clark – Entrenadora Junio 2,013 – Septiembre 2,013   - Entrenador de niveles 1 - 10 GAF con experiencia en Wisconsin, EEUU - Entrenadora en Circus and Performance Arts durante 4 años. - Especialidad en flexibilidad y paradillas.  - Contorsionista en el Circo Circus Harmony en St. Louis, MO de 2009 -2012 Jesse Moravec - Entrenador. Enero 2013 - Junio 2013   - Entrenador de alto rendimiento con experiencia en Minnesota, EEUU - Gimnasta becado en la Universidad de Minnesota. 2009-2012 - Letter winner 4 años seguidos en equipo masculino de la Universidad de Minnesota. 2009-2012. - Dos veces campeón competencia estatal de Minnesota. 2008, 2009. - Campeón regional en argollas. 2008. Daniel Melzar - Entrenador. Julio 2012 - Diciembre 2012   - Entrenador de alto rendimiento con experiencia fuera y dentro del país - Gimnasta becado en la Universidad de William and Mary, Virginia. 2008-2012 - Capitán del equipo masculino, 2012. - Certificado de seguridad y primeros auxilios de USAG desde el año 2007. - Juez internacional ceretificado por NGJA desde el año 2008. - 8 años de experiencia de entrenador en EE.UU. - Licenciatura en Kineseología y Ciencias de Salud Jem Benson - Entrenadora. Julio 2012 - Diciembre 2012   JEM'S OLYMPIKA EXPERIENCE IN HER OWN WORDS... "I first fell in love with Guatemala on my travels in 2011 and knew I wanted to come back and spend more time in such an amazing place. After 3 months back home in Australia, the travel bug took over. Gymnastics coaching is my passion and I found Olympika by chance during an internet search, and decided to take a leap and booked my flights. Australia is a very long way from Guatemala, and I can’t say I wasn’t nervous, but I arrived at the airport after 30 hours of travel and was welcomed by Bob and Phil. Although I spoke no Spanish, this didn’t prove to be a major issue. Many of the kids and parents spoke English, and even if they didn’t, every effort was made to welcome me and make me feel part of the Olympika family. I worked with the girls team at Carretera and they were a very talented and motivated group. They were willing to try my  new Australian ideas and really wanted to learn. The gymnasts at San Cristobal were a pleasure to teach. I got to work with a number of English speaking schools, providing their students with gymnastics classes in English. Olympika is like a very big family. Everyone is willing to help out to make your time in Guatemala amazing. I have  been home for 9 months now and miss Olympika everyday. It was an amazing experience and I will never forget  my Olympika family." LOGROS - Entrenadora de Australia de alto rendimiento con experiencia fuera y dentro del país - Licenciaturaen en Ciencias de Deporte y Ejercicio - Licenciatura en Sport management - 8 años de experiencia siendo entrenadora en Australia. - Gimnasta de nivel 10. 2004 Chelsy Luck - Entrenadora. Mayo 2011 - Agosto 2012   CHELSY'S OLYMPIKA EXPERIENCE IN HER OWN WORDS... "Guatemala. It wasn't quite what I expected, but I can't really say I even knew what to expect. When I arrived at the airport, Samantha and Bob were there to meet me and I recieved a ride to where I would be staying. I was  quickly introduced to some of the most friendly people that I have ever met, many of whom became like my family. If I ever needed anything or had a question, they were there there to help me out and make sure my stay was  wonderful. I was able to volunteer, take Spanish classes, and coach at the gym. On weekends, Samantha and I  traveled over much of the country seeing places like Semuc Champey, Tikal, and many beaches. We hiked  volcanoes, swam in some of the prettiest lakes I have ever seen, and made friends from around the world. The gym was one of my favorite places to be. The kids are a blast to be around. The parents are very friendly and even took us out to eat and to a beach house. Working with Bob and Raul was wonderful, as well as working with the rest of the Olympika staff. I was able to learn more about coaching, new gymnastics and tricking skills and  improved my Spanish. This was an experience I would never trade for anything and I honestly cannot wait to go  back whether for work or just to visit. I made life-long friends and had an amazing time. The longer I was there the less I wanted to leave. I would highly suggest this job to everyone." LOGROS - Entrenadora de alto rendimiento con experiencia fuera y dentro del país - Gimnasta becada en la Universidad de Wisconsin, La Crosse. 2006-2010 - Miembro del equipo campeón nacional en División III. 2007, 2008, 2009. - Capitana del equipo femenino de la Universidad de Wisconsin, La Crosse. 2010. - 20 años de experiencia entrenando la gimnasia. - 5 años de experiencia de entrenadora en EE.UU. Samantha Howard - Entrenadora. Mayo 2011 - Noviembre 2011   SAMANTHA'S OLYMPIKA EXPERIENCE IN HER OWN WORDS... "My life has revolved around gymnastics ever since I can remember. Then in college, I was bit by the travel bug  and passion to learn and perfect Spanish. When the opportunity came up to put all three of my favorite things  together, there was no way I could let it pass me by. So, I quit my job, moved all my belongings to my parents’  house, and moved to Guatemala on a whim, hoping to make it a rewarding experience. It ended up being so much more than that. I got to improve my Spanish ten fold, coaching everyday in Spanish. Although not necessary in order to work at  Olympika, I made a point to take every conversation as a miniature lesson in Spanish; I learned all the special  vocabulary and ending up communicating in a unique blend of Spanish and English. The athletes and families are so welcoming and are always willing to help me out with a new conjugation or word. I got to see a beautiful country, inside and out. Not only did I get to see all the major landmarks and must-see  sites, I got to see the nooks and crannies that only chapines really know about. I got to experience a brand new  culture first-hand, as more than just a tourist, but rather a member of society. But, most importantly, I will take away the relationships that I formed through my job at Olympika and the friends I made. The gym has a great atmosphere for learning, friendships and fun. The minute you walk in the door you  feel welcome, as a part of the family. FAMILY is the only word I can describe it as. Where everyone truly cares  about you and everyone else. Additionally, the friends that I made will always be a part of me. There were some  ups and downs, as such is life. But, in the end, it was all worth it. Every second." LOGROS - Entrenadora de alto rendimiento con experiencia fuera y dentro del país - Gimnasta becada en la Universidad de Wisconsin, Eau Claire. 2006-2010 - Capitana del equipo femenino de la Universidad de Wisconsin, Eau Claire. 2010. - Clasificada a Nacionales en barras asímetricas. 2009, 2010. - Galardonada "All Sportmanship Team Award" 2010. - Campeona en Piso competencia estatal del estado de Minnesota. 2006. Kent Caldwell - Entrenador Agosto 2010 - Abril 2011   KENT'S OLYMPIKA EXPERIENCE IN HIS OWN WORDS... "One of the goals I had for myself while working in Guatemala was to learn Spanish. Working at Olympika was the perfect way to accomplish this while doing something that I loved - coaching gymnastics. The gym's very  comfortable, bilingual environment is perfect for learning, improving, and asking questions about Spanish. Whether you come in with little to no Spanish at all like me or have studied for several years you'll find yourself able to  improve and increase your language ability. Acquiring that language ability empowered me to begin to understand an entirely different culture firsthand, something that was new for me and incredibly satisfying. The parents and students at Olympika became my family away from home, a place where I looked forward to going into work each day and where I created several lifelong friendships. Olympika has a very relaxed, open minded  staff who are all extremely helpful, flexible, and determined to make your own experience in Guatemala unique  and unforgettable." LOGROS - Gimnasta becado en la Universidad de Michigan. 2005-2010 - Miembro del equipo campeón nacional de los EE.UU. 2010 - Primer gimnasta del mundo en competir el mortal con 4 giros - Ubicado 6º en salto de potro en campeonato NCAA. 2010 - Ubicado 7º en piso en campeonato NCAA. 2010 Keeley Smith - Entrenadora Enero 2011 - Abril 2011   KEELEY'S OLYMPIKA EXPERIENCE IN HER OWN WORDS... "When I stepped off the plane in Guatemala City to coach at Olympika, three smiling faces greeted me: Raul, Bob, and the other US coach, Kent. I felt instantly relieved. It was a sign that even though this coaching adventure was taking me far from home, I wouldn't be alone. Working for Olympika is like working for a family. The girls, the families, the coaches - they all take care of you  have your best interests at heart. They want to you experience Guatemala. Half of the fun is being a dedicated  coach (pretty effortless, given the environment of girls ready to learn new things) and the other half is taking the time to explore the unique geography and culture that is Guatemala. Weekend trips to Monterrico, stunning Lake Atitlan, and colonial Antigua are easy and unforgettable. Coaching allows you to see Guatemala from a unique  perspective, appreciating its complex and intriguing history. I'd say - come to Guatemala, coach at Olympika, take lots of pictures, and buy plenty of souvenirs. It's a once in a lifetime experience that you'll remember for the rest of your life." LOGROS - Top 5 en la historia de su Universidad de New Hampshire en viga (9.925) - 5o lugar en viga en campeonato regional. - Calificadora de campeonato nacional de EE.UU. 2004, 2005, 2006. - 5o lugar viga - 10o lugar suelo - Reconocimiento de los jueces del estado de Washington 2 años seguidos
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